About me

Back in my college and high school days, I was known for being the curious person in the room who likes to build things.

I spent a portion of my early career driving the content strategy of digital marketing campaigns and products. During that time, I was also a journalist for my university's digital platform, and managed to get my writings published in popular newspapers like The Orlando Sentinel.

After years producing content for a wide variety of audiences, I combined my interest in design and psychology to transition to UI/UX Design.

I moved to sunny Austin, TX in September 2022, and I work as a UX Designer for U.S. Bank's subsidiary known as Elavon. Since then, I have developed an expertise in web accessibility and Interaction Design.

Being fluent in English and Spanish, as well as having experienced cultural diversity both in my home country and in USA, has led me to gain expertise in navigating cultural nuances during the UX design process.

This is why I dedicate my time to studying cultural differences in color psychology, mental models, values, user needs, and other factors.

I'm a huge supporter of my local community and like helping out as much as I can to make it better. So far, my favorite social cause is animal welfare, and I support organizations that deal with such issue.